When asked what constitutes a “townie” in Ann Arbor, people are divided in their definitions. Ranging from living in Ann Arbor for 20 years plus, to being born and raised here. Well no matter how you slice it, David and Juliet are the product of two “townie” families. Both mutli-generation Ann Arbor dwellers, they have an immense pride for the city their families have called home for over a century. Their pride in and love for this city and its surrounding areas challenges them to know the market better than most.

When choosing a realtor, the question “why should I choose you” is often asked. David and Juliet are a couple practicing Real Estate which gives their clients a two perspective approach to every home. David’s years of experience as a broker and property manager compliments Juliet’s creative background and love of homes and makes for a perfect combination. They are fun, energetic, enthusiastic and empathetic. Our clients find working with them gives them a wealth of knowledge and excitement at their beck and call. When you hire David and Juliet you are treated with the utmost professionalism and care. They go above and beyond in every transaction.