We've been there

We haven't always been this happy! Although we grew up together and dated when we were younger, we went our separate ways and married other people. Well, needless to say, those relationships didn't work out as planned. Divorce isn't easy or fair, and we know that all too well. You need someone who has been through divorce to help you through it! Divorce is expensive, it's tiring, it's not fair! You should work with a team who's been there and understands!

Our experience as Realtors and as people who have been through a divorce can be very helpful. We often work together with both parties to make educated decisions about selling your home, staging your home, improvements that need to be made and finding new homes whether that be renting or buying.  

We also know not every divorce is that clean and easy. We are also experienced in working with a divorcing couples to communicate through attorneys or mediators to navigate everyone through the Real Estate process.

We want what you want! For everyone to be happy and in a home they love.

How we can Help

·         Full analysis of home value, improvement costs and Real Estate options

·         We work with reputable contractors to get work done

·         We have a team approach but often separate our services for the greater good.

·         Knowledge of the emotional strain this can cause to a couple and a family

·         We put the time in, while other agents won’t, for these special circumstances

·         Our team of lenders, title companies, contractors are well versed in what it takes to get you both to the finish line

As we love to say "We've got this!" 

Call David and Juliet McNamara today! 

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